Please sign a contract to lease IPv4 PA addresses from unused LIR ru.rosniiros blocks, request IPv6 PI addresses and AS numbers in the RIPE NCC. Please send an email to to receive the contract form.

You have to provide the AS numbers of at least two of your peering partners and their contact emails in order to get an AS number, and you also need to specify which AS to request: 32 bits or 16 bits.

Note the difference between PI and PA addresses when requesting IPv6.

IPv6-PIs cannot be used for configuring or connecting to other organizations or end users because policies under IPv4 and IPv6 define the infrastructure differently. IPv6 policy does not define the user's network like IPv4 policy does. Thus, IP addresses used for hosts, SSL certificates, broadband connectivity, etc. are not considered ISP infrastructure in IPv6.

This means that IPv6 PI space cannot be used to provide external services, such as broadband access, IP hosting or P2P, where another company uses IP addresses from the IPv6-PI block. These types of services and connections in IPv6 can only be provided in the PA space. IP addresses for such services must be allocated to the customer from the provider's IPv6 block (LIR), but they cannot be further allocated from the PI block. This is one of the main differences between IPv6 and IPv4.

PA addresses are the addresses that RIPE NCC members receive (LIR). These addresses are then divided into subnets and issued to end users in any number.

PI addresses are registered for companies that do not intend to become LIRs but need IP addresses. Such companies do not communicate with the RIPE NCC directly, unlike LIRs, but through LIR sponsors.

While IPv4 PI addresses may be registered and used by Internet and Hosting Providers, IPv6 PI addresses are only issued to firms using IP addresses for internal organizational needs. I.e. IPv6 addresses under RIPE rules cannot be issued to end users. Therefore, all ISPs and Hosting providers must either become LIRs or use the IPv6 addresses of other LIRs.


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